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Double Vision
Genre: Hip-Hop
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri and Quincy, Illinois
Label Management: No Sleep Records

Johnathan Mackamillion
Jarred Mackmore

Musical Influences
From the Band
The world has two new musical genius' to the hip-hop throne, Johnathan (Mackamillion) and Jarred (Mr. Mackmore) aka, Double Vision. Double Vision is twin brothers that have been compared to duos such as Kriss Kross, Camp Lo, Little Brother, Outkast and the recent Chicago-based duo The Cool Kids, for their impecable style of dress code.

"We like to set trends for what should and shouldn't be. We're not gangsters, we're more like a funky twist of backpackers and macks," Mackamillion says.

Being born in a city with such artistic energy and cultural diversity (Venice, CA.), and then living in cities throuought the Midwest and the south, it's no wonder these baby-faced men have such old souls and insight.

Rhyming since the tender age of 7, they first emerged as Reflection, later on changing their name to what is now known as Double Vision. From there they hooked with longtime partner Bill Blast, aka Motion Plus, as their main producer, who eventually hooked up with Jia Davis formerly of the famous St. Lois duo Bits N Pieces, who is also featured on their first studio album: NO EXPLANATION!

When asked about their genre of music they so proudly claim as their own, Mackmore explains, "We speak for the men and women who seem to naturally attract the opposite sex without what some people call game or the use of pick up lines. As for the backpacker part, we're talking about those independent artist, Hip Hop purist and entrepreneurs who have got their own hustle, no matter what genre of music or business they’re involved in."

Mackamillion holds no cut cards for any song, topic, or issue. Especially on the somewhat controversial song "Mental Chains." Creatively, rap is at a stand still, and Double Vision brings an end to the stagnation with songs like, "So Cool" and "Backpacker," that showcase the group's intriguing personalities and personifies their 'ahead-of-our-time style.’ There is no question as to why their music is so magnetizing.

Double Vision addresses the issues of the common folks, not the "iced out jewels" or drug dealer stories that our ears are currently saturated with. Double Vision represents the real issues we all go through. It's obvious these guys just want to bring the fun back into music. Sit back, relax and be prepared. Double Vision is solely interested and dedicated to making innovative and creative music.

“At the end of the day, we make music for those who actually have a brain,” says Mackamillion. DV is currently working on their new EP which will be released on No Sleep Records. NSR welcomes Double Vision to the No Sleep family, as they are the first Hip-Hop act to sign with No Sleep Records.