Local Q Writer

QUINCY - To Frank Root, going to a wrestling event is like watching a movie.

There's music, there's a story, and there's good versus evil all rolled into one.

Rampage Championship Wrestling -- an independent wrestling promotion that Root has been with for the last 30 years -- will make its way to the Oakley-Lindsay Center on Saturday evening. RCW will bring its stars Wicked, Douglas O'Shea, Kaos and Riot, P.T. Beckham, and the Gentlemen's Club, and all champions will be defending their titles.

The evening will consist of several different matches, such as the women's match and the Over-The-Top battle royal. The River City Rumble will feature wrestlers from the Quincy area.

Doors will open at 6 p.m., and the show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets will cost $15 at the door. Advance tickets cost $12 and can be purchased in Quincy at the Oakley-Lindsay Center and Rent-A-Center or in Hannibal, Mo., at Rent One and the Brick Oven.

Like other independent wrestling organizations across the country, RCW can be seen by wrestlers as a chance to make it big.

"Basically, it's like a minor league system to the big leagues, just like the Cardinals have a minor league system," Root said.

Since he started promoting RCW in 1987, he has worked to take wrestling back to its roots where it started, like fairs, festivals and community centers. In other words, he wants to take RCW to smaller towns and cities in order to bring affordable entertainment to fans.

In each of these places, he hopes to build relationships with communities so that he can continue to bring RCW back.

"We're not looking at a one-time event," Root said. "We're looking for something that builds and gets better and better in the location that we go to."

Root has been involved in sports all his life, either playing or coaching for his four sons. Although he enjoys baseball and soccer, he thinks there is just something special about wrestling.

"Wrestling has a very unique mystique to it. It's athleticism. It's sports," he said. "It's like going to a movie, to a 3-hour movie. It's everything that life could throw at somebody."

It's not just for adults, either. Root strives to make his event family friendly.

"A PG-type show is what I've always run," he said. "There will be something for everyone from your grandma and grandpa to your church pastor to your family."

Root says all of these different kinds of people who come to RCW events always leave asking when it will be coming back, and that's his favorite thing about travelling with and promoting the organization.

He also likes for people to see what wrestling is really about because he says there's more to it than what is on television.

Aside from this, though, you never know if you're going to see a future WWE star at an RCW event.

Over the course of Root's 30 years as a promoter, he's had four referees and wrestlers move on to jobs at the WWE.