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Cheeks McGee
Genre: Rock, Pop, Acoustic
Hometown: Kahoka, Missouri
Label Management: Manager - Jack Manis of SOZO PRODUCTIONS

Acoustic guitar/vocals/trumpet/flugelhorn: Cheeks McGee

Musical Influences
Keller Williams, Dave Matthews, Jeff Buckley, Snow Patrol, Johnny Cash, Elliot Smith, Willie Nelson, Dizzy Gillespie, Maynard Ferguson, Tom Waits, Jack Johnson, Beck, Sigur Ros, Guster and the ocean.
From the Band
Cheeks McGee is a one man jam band from Quincy that is a self-taught, percussive, and rhythmic acoustic guitar player. Cheeks plays his trademark mahogany acoustic guitar while looping tasty riffs and chord progressions using a live looping sampler. Once the loop is set Cheeks adds percussive patterns by either hitting his guitar or making unique sounds with his mouth to personify the illusion of having a drummer and bass player. He then throws down some wicked solos with his trusty sidekick...the trumpet or takes it to a different dimension by soloing on his acoustic guitar through his "talk box" to get some outrageous sounds.

Using his skills on various instruments, Cheeks has built a solo show that has opened the eyes and grabbed the attention of many bands, people, and venues in the area as well as across the nation.

This is where we are today. A high-energy, entertaining get out of your seat show that makes his fans want to come back for more. This past summer Cheeks put together his second nationwide tour that expanded across 33 states and over 30 live performances to expand his fan base and bring his unique solo show to fans across the nation.

"Detachment" (2001) - Cheeks (solo album) "Live at Culver" (2002)- Southern BBQ Trip (Cheeks former band at college) "Less is More Festival" @ Bradley University (2005)- Highlights of Cheeks McGee's performance (DVD) "Three Chords Make a Song" @ Listen Up Festival (2004)- Highlights of Festival (DVD) "Coconut Pirate Sessions" (2006) - a series of "practice jams" and experimentation that was never finished "A New Beginning" (2007) - first full-length album