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Genre: Blues, Rock
Hometown: Keokuk, Iowa
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Gale Case: Bass and Vocals
Tom Washburn: Guitar
Chad Davis: Guitar and Vocals
Gavin Harper: Percussion

Musical Influences
From the Band
Founding members, Tom Washburn and Gale Case, originally formed the band under the name BLUMOOSE. Tom and Gale have been life-long friends who met at the moose lodge when they were kids. Originally conceptualized as a blues band, the name BLUMOOSE was created in tribute to the musical style and personal history. Chad Davis joined the band in 2007, rounding out the guitar and vocals. With original drummer, Matt Settles, BLUMOOSE hit the scene playing many shows and benefits for two years. In 2009, Matt Settles left the band. Gavin Harper, Chad's cousin, took the reigns as drummer. When Gavin came on board, BLUMOOSE changed its name to SHADE. SHADE is now a very diverse band. Still playing the blues music they love, but adding in classic and modern rock to keep audiences dancing. Original work is currently in the Demo stage.