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Watching Judas
Genre: Pop, Christian
Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri
Label Management: Listening House Records

Eric Barfield — keys/vocals
Christian Barfield — keys/vocals
Paul Nahrgang — bass
Aaron Wahoff — drums

Musical Influences
From the Band
It all started with a pair of rowdy home schooled boys running around half-naked in Superman capes to Star Wars music. Those brothers are Eric and Christian Barfield, and this is the strange, yet true story of how Watching Judas began.

Growing up with the works of T.S. Elliot, Hemingway, and Poe, as well as a unhealthy number of Three Stooges and Looney Tunes episodes, Eric began to compose as an outlet at the tender age of 7 years, co-writing a song with his father and musical mentor, Michael Barfield. Christian soon followed, stretching his ever-changing voice to sing along with groups like DC Talk, Jars of Clay, and A.D. Both boys took piano lessons after protest, and began the tedious chore of progressing past "Heart and Soul". After driving music lovers everywhere to the brink of suicide with countless renditions of originals on any piano not glued shut, Eric was able to convince Christian to lend his peculiar vocal/piano talents to the music.

After a short debate, they christened the band "Watching Judas" and set out to form the other half of a group. Soon after the talented bassist and long-time friend Paul Nahrgang joined Watching Judas. Life was blissful for a time, then tradegy struck- the drummer that had been with the group from the inception was suddenly whisked away to college, never to be heard from again. After a desperate search for a replacement, they stumbled upon the quiet talent of Aaron Wahoff, also a homeschooler and close friend. After some tweaking, the group came together in a dimly-lit corner of a Borders Books in front of a crowd high on coffee and cheese cake.

These days, Watching Judas packs a pair of blazing keyboards, and they're not afraid to use them. Armed with an battery of thought-provoking lyrics, hooks, and a healthy appreciation for all those that attempt existence in a fallen universe, Watching Judas keeps busy creating music to illuminate the unkept stories of struggles and triumphs of ordinary people, each dancing the razor's edge between cynicism and hope.