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Mayhew the Traitor
Genre: Folk, Punk, Rock
Hometown: Urbana, Illinois
Label Management: Thinker Thought Records

Matthew Hobler — guitar/vocals
Drew Menschel — bass/vocals
JW Robb _ drums

Musical Influences
Around us.
From the Band
After all of us became friends (JW and I grew up in Lincoln together, Drew grew up in Carthage), we were in and out of school at WIU (I was kicked out), and we all found ourselves still living in Macomb. JW and Drew had a house big enough to set up all their music equipment and practice. I was living in a trailer with my roommate, another musician, and we both started writing songs. JW, Drew, and my roommate started the band originally while I was still spending most of my time playing at bars on my acoustic.

Somewhere in that time period I was added to the band after I played JW some rough versions of “Shakin’ with John Wayne” and “See you in Hell.” He told me he was interested in playing drums on them and adding some friends. Pretty soon we had a set of songs that I had written and put together with Drew and JW. So we started playing out as a four-piece with my roommate on lead guitar. My roommate left the band after the first show and we have been a three piece ever since. I can’t really remember when we first called ourselves a band, but we’ve been playing together for about 3 years.

Not an incredible story of how a band gets together, but I think that the gravity of the situation is intangible. It’s an amazing feeling when you and your friends create something original together or encourage another friend to do what they really love doing. This band was started with only one motivation: to create something beautiful with pure feeling and without concern for genres, labels, or fashion.

Our plans for the future are to create as much music as we can, play as many shows as we can, see the country in our van, and have as much fun together as possible until life takes us our separate ways. We’ve also discussed all moving to the same town, somewhere new. I don’t know exactly what will happen- my band mates are my brothers and I don’t see us losing sight of each other any time soon. I imagine we will record another album when we get enough new songs together and work them out for live shows before touring.

"Deathwish" in 2009.