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The Cheeseburgers
Genre: Classic Rock
Hometown: Quincy, Illinois
Label Management: Unsigned

Rodney Hart - guitar, bass, vocals
Eric McCaughey - guitar
Burt Shackleton - vocals, keyboards, guitars, saxophones
Jeff VanKanegan - bass, harmonica, vocals
Kirk Gribler - drums

Musical Influences
Anything 80s, Burt Shackleton's 50 million bands he has played in, Kirk Gribbler's books about chiropractors, Jeff's graphic design manuals and Eric's food menus. And Rodney's obsession with The Who.
From the Band
Original band names are getting hard to come by. Many bands are playing original songs (which is great) or songs that they think are cool but may be hard to dance to or not readily recognizable. Most people in your average bar or event want to dance to the same old songs that most musicians are tired of playing. Otherwise known as "cheesy"... hence the name The Cheeseburgers. Plus, you won¹t forget our name. Come see us and you won¹t forger our show either. Many bands sacrifice music for a big show or a memorable show for perfect sound. We make it a priority to not forget either. All five members have decades of live experience and have collected many ideas as to what people want to hear and see.