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George Cate
Genre: Rock, Acoustic
Hometown: Quincy, Ill.
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George Cate — vocals, guitar and lyrics.

Musical Influences
Nirvana, Candlebox and many more.
From the Band
George Cate's earliest musical memory is running into the living room, disgruntled with his mother, proceeding to tear his "Shirt Tails" drum kit apart by shoving a large screwdriver through each drum head. His musical passion ignited and his imagination started to find a place to land...

Growing up modestly just outside the small Midwestern town of Camp Point, Ill., he was surrounded by music on both sides of his family.

In the summer of 1994 George bought his first guitar and played along with bands from Nirvana to Hendrix to Skid Row and began to develop his technique.

Penning his first actual song in 1996, he had opened a flood gate of expression. One moment you may find him listening to James Blunt and the next it could be Meshuggah.

George's love for acoustic guitars came a while later.

His latest songs, that he has recorded himself, trace a path of memories, good and bad and are laced with ingredients that made him who he is today.
"Motivated Low," released Nov. 24, 2010, available on iTunes and at shows.