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Esther Moore
Genre: Folk, Alternative, Acoustic
Hometown: Quincy, Ill.
Label Management: None

Esther Moore — Vocals, guitar and piano

Musical Influences
Regina Spektor, Damien Rice, Fiona Apple, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Jewel, Jason Mraz, The Weepies, Glen Hansard, Incubus, Portishead, Sarah Mclaughlin and more.
From the Band
To her fans, Esther Moore is known as Quincy's "princess of acoustic folk rock", the fun, free-spirited girl who always kicks off her shoes before starting her set. She always has a new hairdo and a big smile on her face when she graces the stage. Esther is also well-known for the many shows she's put together and hosted at venues such as Turner Hall, Backwaters and her favorite — Quincy's State Room Theater. You can hear her music on the radio, on multiple internet sites and even playing from a fan's car stereo or iPod.

To others, Esther is known as a mother, a writer, an artist, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a teacher, a lover and even a role model. In her short lifetime, she has overcome many obstacles that have made her into the strong person and performer that she is today. At a young age, she began writing music as a way to "release" feelings of hurt, anxiety, lonliness or even frustration. After a lifetime of musical education, and performing at her eighth grade graduation, and also working on a project in her eighth grade English class where she got to write and record a song, there was no going back from music. Every day in Esther's life is spent striving to be better, always overflowing with new ideas for songs, poems, stories, etc. Writing music has gotten her through many things, including having a child at a young age, a marriage and divorce, many hardships with family and friends, relationships gone wrong, love lost, and more.

Esther's music is something that anyone with a decent heart can listen to and relate to. With inspiration from other artists like Damien Rice, Grace Potter, Alanis Morissette, Matthew Bellamy from the well-known band Muse, Sarah McLachlan, Billie Holliday, and more - Esther incorporates techniques and styles from all different kinds of genres and sounds. Known for her vocal control and rhythmic lyrics, she wow's audiences and makes them laugh and even cry. Whether you are newly in love and like to listen to "You Are" (Lyrics: You're not just another face, another place I go. You're everything I'll ever need and everything I know. Since you came around, things are not the same but that's all right with me.) or you are newly out of a relationship and like the tune of "Happy Hate Song" (Lyrics: I'm saying no. It's time for you to go. I've tried being kind, but now I'm losing my mind. You drive me insane every day, so I wrote this Happy Hate Song to drive you away.) or you need a little inspiration from "Conquer The World", (Lyrics: There's a life out there waiting. Enough hesitating. There's no reason to doubt, just get up and get out.....Conquer the world!). just pick a song and let the words and melody speak to you.

Aside from writing music and performing live most weekends, Esther is a full-time mother, full-time student, part-time waitress, and much, much more. She offers guitar lessons to children and beginning musicians, as well as beginning piano.

Esther is always willing to meet and get to know new people. You can find her online (and see pictures, videos, show/event dates, other local musicians, and more) by searching her name on Facebook, Myspace, Reverb Nation, Soundcloud, Tumblr, or YouTube. On nice days, she also can be found at the park with her daughter in one arm and her guitar in the other.

Demo Album: "One Way" released Jan 2009.