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Predawn Hour
Genre: Rock, Alternative
Hometown: Quincy, Illinois
Label Management: Unsigned

George Cate — guitar/vocals
Kyle Mabie — bass
Danny Mabie — percussion

Musical Influences
Candlebox, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Faith No More and Tool.
From the Band
The idea of this band was conceived in 1994 between George Cate, Cory Wilkey, Derek Wilkey and Aaron Wheelan (currently of Trifecta) in Camp Point, Ill., and Coatsburg, Ill., under the moniker "Porselain." 

Honing in on their sound for the better part of a year, they eventually scored an opening slot for the local band Stoner Mckay in April of 1995. Porselain continued to play many local shows and soon had their first member change with the departure of Aaron Wheelan on bass.

Now as a trio, Porselain had to focus even more and rethink their sound.  The outcome would be Porselain's first CD release, "Thrown," in October of 1997. Thrown was 12 tracks of teen-angst driven obscurity that sold over 600 copies locally. Porselain entered in the "once great" Battle Of The Bands at Morman Park, making their presence known to more than 1,000 attendees.  Porselain's softmore effort titled "Doppelganger" was 15 tracks strong with a more aggressive feel, bringing Danny Mabie aboard on drums and moving Cory to rhythm guitar.  An intentional departure from their softer side was apparent.

In 1999, they had a solid year of shows ushering in a major change in 2000. Cory and Derek departed from Porselain bringing in Derek Hancock on bass and Bryan Young (Superimposed) on guitar. That line-up lasted a year until yet another change took place, Cory and Derek Wilkey reunited with Cate on a project entitled "Stitch Whisper." They recorded an 8-song cd including the popular tracks "Spirit Hands" and the anthemic "Home Road." Selling hundreds of "burnt" copies of their recording the band was short lived. Cate broke the band up and formed the group "Salem's Cradle" with previous bandmates Aaron Wheelan and Danny Mabie. The fall of 2001 brought Matt Parker in as rhythm guitar. Salem's Cradle recorded "Demonstration 202" in 2002 selling several hundred copies regionally. The Cradle then released two more CDs, "Fatem" including tracks "Ministry 53” and "God Damage." 

The time had come to attempt broader connections and bridges to cross. In 2004 Wheelan departed from the band and was replaced by Kyle Mabie.  Salem's Cradle ventured to St. Louis to record their first professional record (self-titled) followed by their first tour with Dry Kill Logic and American Headcharge. The Cradle then hit the road on a Midwest tour with Hed P.e. In the spring of 2005 they ventured out with Lit, but under their old name Porselain. The Lit tour was definitely the most "fitting" tour for the boys.  Their last tour to date was with Chicago natives Veruca Salt.  The tour was 30 dates coast to coast hitting almost every major city in the 48 states.  On New Year's Eve 2005 Cory Wilkey was brought back into the fold as lead guitarist and another name change: Predawn Hour. Cate put his six string down and focused on the vocal priority.

In 2006, the local shows were crazy and there were intense demo sessions at their rehearsal room in Quincy. The year 2007 was more of the same and a new sense of direction was coming into focus, but little did the band know the tragedy around the corner. On Oct. 27, 2007, Predawn Hour played their final show with Cory Wilkey. A few hours after the show Cory was killed in an accident in Camp Point. The band went into a tailspin and recently started to level out. Matt Parker departed the band and Kyle took a year off. Danny and George decided to keep playing and brought in Bryan Young to play bass. They released the EP "Echo Of October" Dec. 31, 2008. The 5-track EP includes "Omnipresent", the most heart-felt song Cate has ever penned. Young has since left the band and Kyle Mabie has rejoined. 

Danny, Kyle and George have a lot up their sleeves for the future. The band is currently recording new material that is sure to gain attention, they couldn't be more ready to achieve the goal that has previously seemed out of reach.     

November 2009: Released demo as Predawn Hour.
January 2009: Released EP, "Echo of October," as Predawn Hour.