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The HipNecks
Genre: Rock, Country, Alternative
Hometown: Columbia, Mo.
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Pat Kay — Banjo, harmonica, mandolin, guitar and vocals
Zach Harrison — Guitar and vocals
Wes Wingate — Organ, piano and vocals
Ryan Renne — Bass and vocals
Danny Carroll — Drums, sinks, trash cans and other household items/vocals

Musical Influences
From the Band
“…Absolutely twangy, good old-fashioned American Rock & Roll – a sound that makes sense when you consider their name, a combination of ‘hippy’ and ‘redneck.’ Their enthusiasm for their craft is obvious and infectious. Remember the name, because this band is going places.” —

That sound has been called “a jambalaya“ by press and “country fried jam” by fans alike. Take it from the name, The HipNecks, which combines the words “Hippie” and Redneck” as affectionately as it unites trucker hats and flip-flops. Within the sentiment lays their genre-bending approach to making music. Music that is, in every way, firmly rooted beneath their feet in the fertile ground of the American Midwest near the Ozark Mountains.

No sooner than their first performance in 2004, the HipNecks broke ground on their first album, Just Another Fine Day, and released it feverously in April 2005. After selling over 300 copies the night of the release show, the band stormed the Midwest for 2 years completing several small tours that brought them as far out as Colorado’s front range (twice) and won a National Battle of the Bands along the way. From 2007 – 2008, the HipNecks were holed up in Jamestown, MO’s Bridge Studio, whipping up another batch of that ‘jambalaya,’ with new ingredients: mandolin and piano. The HipNecks sophomore creation, American Night, was released April 10, 2008.

In 2010, the band underwent several lineup changes including the departure of long time drummer Zach Stubbs and co-founding member Scott Anderson, who was credited with writing most of the band’s songs to that point. Local powerhouse drummer Danny Carroll was recruited from the band Bockman, as well as Organist/Pianist/Vocalist Wes Wingate from bands The Doxies and The Stingrays. The HipNecks promptly began recording new material under the wing of Home Tone Records at Mansion Studious in Columbia, MO with the intention of releasing a single every several months as the songs were completed in-studio. The first of these, Mighty Mississippi was released July 23, 2010. The second edition, Sni-A-Bar Stomp was released September 17, 2010 with a third single waiting on deck for Spring 2011.

This Hipnecks have shared stages with Little Feat, Cracker, The Music Mafia (Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, James Otto, Cowboy Troy, Jon Nicholson, et. al.), Dr. Zhivegas, Big Smith, The Red Dirt Rangers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland's Stragglers (sans Jason), and have been on tours that included Bubba Sparxxx, the Yin Tang Twins, and Tech N9ne.

They have also been fortunate enough to participate in such festival events as the Columbia, MO 9th Street Summerfest, Loyal Earth Day Festival, The Bluebird Festival, The Euphio Campout, the Lifestylez Snodaze Tour, Dogstock, Lupus Chilifest and more.

"... a beautifully harmonized band. There's enough intelligent songwriting here to merit attending any Hipnecks live performance," —
"Sni-A-Bar Stomp"