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Logan Kammerer
Genre: Acoustic
Hometown: Quincy, Ill.
Label Management:

Logan Kammerer — Vocals and acoustic guitar

Musical Influences
From the Band
He began playing guitar at the age of 16 when soccer was no longer the life he had once enjoyed. He started making a name locally soon after, playing shows at local bars and any place he was able.

Quickly hopping on the local music scene in Quincy, Logan was traveling to surrounding cities to delight all those who would listen. His songwriting style can be compared to those of Paul Simon and Neil Young, not afraid to say what he thinks or certainly not worried about what is thought of his music.

He plays for the enjoyment of others and pure love for the music drug. Music filled with emotion and love is the work that goes behind all of Kammerer's songs. Ideas written from small town views and small town living.

The local band Fielder was formed shortly after with Kammerer on vocals and acoustic guitar.

In the last ten years the music once played solo on stage has evolved into a five piece wonder, and continues to be brought back to its roots with an acoustic set by Kammerer.
Logan on vocals: