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Genre: Rock, Alternative
Hometown: St. Louis
Label Management:

Sam Baker – Vocals
Pat Gibson – Guitar
Jay Pelzer – Guitar
Jeremy Patterson – Drums
David Kopp – Bass

Musical Influences
From the Band
For a band that has been together for just two and a half years, this rock quintet has stretched itself in ways that haven’t been witnessed all that often in recent decades. Not satisfied to remain in their hometown hoping to be discovered, the five, by sending out promotion packs with their first CD, Copperview’s “ Karma,” have managed to book themselves for gigs in venues as far apart as Phoenix, Arizona and Fort Myers, Florida, and in major cities in between, including Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Cincinnati, Memphis, Knoxville, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Sioux Falls.

“We’re on the road six months a year,” Baker said. “It’s a hard path, and you have to love it or you wouldn’t do it.”

But it’s a path that has paid off. Airplay for Copperview’s first single, “Yesterday,” earned rotation on KPNT-FM (105.7) The Point, a major Emmis broadcasting station, as well as a number of college radio and other commercial stations in the markets just mentioned, resulting in more than 150,000 hits on MySpace.

As a matter of course, and because of the airplay, the band has opened for or toured with several national acts, including Stone Temple Pilots, Seether, Hurt, Motley Crue, Sick Puppies, Breaking Bejamin, Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd and Saving Abel.

An unsigned band getting airplay on a commercial station such as Emmis’ KPNT-FM is rare indeed in today’s market.

“We were persistent,” Baker explained, “but then The Point is more accessible than many stations.”

On KPNT-FM’s web site, “Yesterday” is reported to be one of the station’s top 100 songs of 2009.

Of course, Copperview had a product that worked in its favor, and the kind of show that rewards the band with repeat bookings. It’s easy to like hard-working performers who earn rave reviews everywhere they appear.

The members also understand what makes a song popular.

“You need a hook,” Baker said.

Although, Baker is sometimes the spokesman for the band, Copperview is a democratic organization.

“I only get 20 percent of the vote,” he said. “We decide on everything together. We don’t always agree on everything, but we all have an equal vote.”

Even in songwriting. They write as a group.

And now the group has signed with Arsenic Records, a new label based in St. Louis.

“We’re hoping that with Arsenic Records, we’ll move up to the next level. Copperview is a band that already has all the tools to make it in a major way.
Karma – Released Jan. 26th, 2009 Back To Life – Summer 2011