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This Is Energy
Genre: Pop
Hometown: St. Louis
Label Management:

Adam Gardner (aka "AyDamn"), lead vocals and guitar
Britton Campbell, drums
Chaz Springhart, bass guitar and backing vocals
Dave Beezy, guitarist and backing vocals

Musical Influences
With musical genius Sting as inspiration, THIS IS ENERGY's power pop/rock music is a unique blend of melodic substance that also fuses modern lyrical styling from such well-known bands at Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional.
From the Band
Adam, Britton and Chaz worked together in a previous group in St. Louis, and had national exposure and success as an independent band. Traveling together on multiple cross-country tours, including the 2004 and 2005 "Warped Tours," Adam, Britton and Chaz sold some 13,000 discs independently (prior to the rise of MySpace and iTunes), building a strong fan base and consistently selling out 1,000+ capacity venues. After the breakup of the former band, Adam, Britton and Chaz parted professionally for a brief time, but never forgot how much they'd accomplished. For the next two years, Adam would continue to write new music, always topping his past efforts. Renewing his excitement with these new songs, Adam realized he had to find band members that shared his passion. So, he called Britton and Chaz, who both also felt the power of these new songs, motivating them to pursue their love for music once again. The band members knew they could never give up on their dream again, and that there would be no stopping them, regardless of any obstacles. Adam discovered guitarist Dave Beezy, soon after Dave had relocated from his home country of France to pursue his dream of contininuing his career as a professional working musician in America. With Dave completeing the four-man band, THIS IS ENERGY was born. THIS IS ENERGY have a burning passion to pass forward their energy to fans and to inspire everyone who comes to their shows to actually do something and be someone, in order to make a difference and impact the world around them in a positive way. The message THIS IS ENERGY sends out in their live shows is "Don't Give Up On Your Dreams." The same philosophy the band exudes through their lives and in their riveting performances, along with everything else they do, makes THIS IS ENERGY an unstoppable force. Their music takes listeners to the very top and hurtles them above their everyday lives. THIS IS ENERGY continues bringing a new generation of followers along with them on this musical journey, one show at a time.
"How It Begins..." EP, September 2009.