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Quincy Park Band
Genre: Orchestra
Hometown: Quincy, Ill.
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Charlotte Stroot, Stephanie Fee, Ellen Obrock, Crista Fodor, Dawn Cook, Gail Foote, Sarah Schmidt, Ann Reis, Jessi Kirchner, Bridget Ellerman, Emma Ridder, Jan Kendrick, Amanda Bingheim, Cathy Flick, Jane Holt, Nina Morwell, Clarinet, Linda Beers, Jean Murray, Gayle Tenhouse, Les Fonza, Eddie Allen, Julia Brady, Rick Bybee, Sara Reeder, Chardy Bangert, Susan Costigan, Paul Marlin, Mary Anne Zellerman, Paul Duker, Jack Inghram, Ed Obrock, Toni Stiern, Emily Cook, Karilyn Lipcamon, Alan Nichols, Don Miller, Bill Holt, Robert Sibbing, Tony Blackford, Justin Haubrich, Clarissa Hallmark, Jeff Riley, Drew Boshardy, Kevin Fischer, Roger Hallmark, Richard Boudreau, Lynette Hallmark, Nathan Sparks, Charles Brooks, Steve Parke, Mick Fee, John Hume, Allen Hunter, Mary Demers, Paul Ridder, Justin Bangert, Keith Wiemelt, Ted Yelton, Mark Gabriel, Patrick Brooks, Brian Kroeter, Randy Bluhm, Jeff Schuecking, Sara Hallberg, Michael Saul, Crystal Perry, Cristina Werling, Jim Williams, Derek Dagit, Paul Luhn, Tim L'Heureax, Lynn Fischer, Bob Havens, Bob Brooks, Richard Lask, Dean Dunham, Sarah Brooks, Chris Scholz, Matt Gabriel, Alan Starkey, Dennis Bingheim, Chuck Groce, Kent Kanauss, Alan Kanauss, Corey Bowman, Dan Sherman, Gary Bratton, Nick Steinkamp, Greg Sherman and Aaron Haubrich

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From the Band
The Quincy Park Band was founded in 1948 by noted Quincy musician and historian, Carl Landrum, for the purpose of performing public band concerts in the park on Sunday afternoons. Landrum managed and directed the band for 45 years until his retirement in 1993 when he passed the baton to his associate conductor Pam Potter. The band is a full symphonic band boasting a total roster of over 100 musicians ranging in age from 16 to 85 years of age. Each concert features 70 to 80 highly qualified musicians from all walks of life, the majority of whom are music educators. The Park Band performs on a Wenger Showmobile, purchased in 1995 with a generous donation from an anonymous foundation. The mission of the QPB is to perform free public concerts for the citizens of Quincy and the surrounding tri-state area in Quincy's beautiful parks during the summer months, and to provide a quality performing opportunity for local musicians of all ages. The Park Band is committed to performing excellent band literature in a professional manner. Sixteen concerts are presented annually during June and July with the traditional season opening concert occurring on Memorial Day. The Park Band performs an indoor Christmas Concert in December. The band is funded by corporate sponsors, individual donations from the public, the Recording Industries Music Performance Funds, and local grants. Concert sponsors incude: The Quincy Park District and the Western Catholic Union. Co-sponsors are the Exchange Club of Quincy; First Bankers Trust; The Quincy Herald-Whig; WGEM, Refreshment Services Pepsi; Gardner Denver, Frances Allen and Evelyn Fusselman.