Granite Bank Gallery

428 Maine St.
Quincy, Ill. 62301


Monday - Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m., Sunday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


The Granite Bank Gallery was named for the pink Missouri granite used for the building's fa├žade and for its long-reaching roots in Quincy's history.

Our historic structure at 428 Maine invites you through the lobby of an historic bank and into a beautiful example of architectural renewal in Quincy's central business district.

People are immediately impressed by the original hand-lain tile mosaic floor which consists of over 373,000 tiles, and then are easily distracted by the towering two-story ceilings and intricate wood and iron flourishes. This bank was built in 1892 by the Bull brothers, who'd seen considerable success in banking in Quincy during one of the river town's most prosperous periods in history. After only 14 years, the Bulls decided to add onto their original building and seamlessly incorporated a full doubling of the floor plan to the west of the original structure. The mosaic floor is even continued into the "new" section where the tall ceilings continued to allow light to flood the bank lobby. Because of artificial light limitations, the ceiling was originally stained glass, but in 1920 upper floors were added and electric chandeliers were installed.

When the Bulls closed the bank in 1932 the building fell into disuse for several years until Quincy's champion of historical architecture George Irwin bought the old bank in the 1970's. Mr. Irwin brought the building up to date while preserving every historical detail he could. An elevator was installed to make the upstairs offices more accessible, while vaults and woodwork were preserved for the future. Noting the deterioration of cast plaster designs on the walls above the wood wainscoting in the lobby, Mr. Irwin carefully placed six inches of cotton and a layer of canvas over it. It is still preserved in this state for an ambitious restoration project we hope to undertake sometime in the future.

In 1998, Dennis Prock bought the building and the frame shop that had been operating in the front of the building. Since then the Granite Bank Gallery has evolved into a destination for locals and tourists. We have an interesting and varied crowd of regulars who come for coffee in the morning and lunch in the afternoon. There are also people who walk in and are shocked to discover us for the first time. "I didn't know you were here. How long have you been open?"

Customers who feel they have found a treasure at 428 Maine. Whether architecture buffs, espresso addicts, wine fans, or home decor shoppers, everyone regards our gallery as an exceptional find.